My name is Maddilyn Brown and I love being a Chiropractor here at New Era Chiropractic Sandgate. I have been immersed in the chiropractic lifestyle for the past 10 years. My journey started at the age of 13 as an elite gymnast. Chiropractic assisted me throughout my sporting career and the injuries associated with full time sport. I fell in love with chiropractic and its philosophies from day 1, in which my chiropractor noticed and encouraged me to pursue a career in chiropractic. I immediately began my chiropractic studies at the young age of 17, completing my Bachelor and Masters of Chiropractic Sciences in Mackay 5 years later.

My experiences over time continue to motivate and inspire me to share my love of chiropractic to the community whether they are in pain or wish to maintain function and wellbeing. Seeing my patients blossom and improve under my care is what fuels my fire to continue practicing my passion of holistic health.

I believe chiropractic is for all- young to old and everyone in between. By utilising multiple techniques, I am able to treat each patient individually, creating a care plan suited to your distinct needs and goals. Postural exercises, soft tissue and rehabilitation are just a few methods I incorporate into my technique alongside chiropractic adjustments to reduce inflammation, tackle musculoskeletal pain, improve posture and to promote optimal function.

I grew up in North Queensland, where I studied at Central Queensland University Mackay. Brisbane is now my home where I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, full of adventures and trying new, diverse foods. If I’m not at the beach or up a mountain, you may find me long-boarding along a water front or reading a book. I enjoy learning and advancing my knowledge- particularly when it comes to the human body!

Helen-Marie Bailey | PRACTICE MANAGER| New Era Chiropractic Sandgate

Hi there, I’m Helen-Marie Sutherland and I am the Practice Manager at New Era Chiropractic Sandgate. I ensure that your experience here at New Era Chiropractic is as pleasurable as possible.

It definitely can’t be hidden that I’m from the West Coast of Scotland. Whilst living in the UK, I managed one of the biggest fitness centres in Scotland with great success. I am a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist myself, and enjoy using my knowledge to keep myself fit and healthy.

I moved to Australia 6 years ago, and my husband and I are now blessed with two beautiful daughters, Sofia and Ashlen. Being a mother is a full-time job for me, but taking care New Era Chiropractic is another tremendous joy of mine.

Chiropractic care for me is more than just pain relief – it’s a lifestyle choice towards a more proactive stance on health. I don’t wait for my body to feel out of alignment to act; I get regular adjustments to compliment my exercise routine and keep me feeling balanced. Our daughters also enjoy their adjustments , and are already excellent models for great posture. Chiropractic really is for everyone. I truly believe there’s no one out there that couldn’t benefit from paying us a visit. I look forward to meeting you at New Era Chiropractic Sandgate

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