What To Expect

At New Era Chiropractic Sandgate, we pride our self on both individualised and personalised Chiropractic care. The Initial consultation will therefore include a detailed case history, physical examination, digital postural analysis and a clear diagnosis of your presentation.

Once the case history and physical examination has been completed and your are completely at ease with the diagnosis, our New Era Chiropractors in Sandgate will discuss the proposed treatment required for that visit. 

This treatment may include:

Manual or low force adjustments (depending on the specifics of your case).

Soft tissue release, if required.

Drop piece or other adjustment techniques (again depending on the specifics of your  case).

At the completion of the initial consultation & depending on the nature of the condition that you seek treatment for, our Chiropractors may also suggest you schedule for a follow up Report of Findings Visit.

* All Our New Era Chiropractors are accredited with ALL major health insurance providers.

*In conjunction to the above, in cases where additional imaging is required to better understand the nature of the condition we may refer you for external x-rays. Providing you have a valid medicare card, we find external x-rays are generally 100% bulk billed.

The Initial Chiropractic Assessment at New Era Chiropractors

Our New Era Chiropractors are experts in their field.  Our Chiropractors will always perform a comprehensive examination of your presentation, understanding your body and the direction of treatment required. The initial examination will include a detailed case history, physical examination, and digital imaging.  Your physical capacity will be assessed using a combination of movement, flexibility, postural, muscle, joint and nerve tests.

Upon completion of your initial consultation, our expert Chiropractors  will guide you through their findings, including the nature and cause of your presenting issue.  Provided your case is one we can help, you will receive your first treatment on this first visit.

Follow Up Visit: The Report Visit

Follow up Visit- The Report of Findings Visit:  Outlining a care plan specifically to achieve your chosen goals!!!

At the Report of Findings Visit, our Sandgate Chiropractors will gain an understanding as to how you responded from your initial visit and our Chiropractors will then discuss the findings of any postural scans, xrays or other factors pertinent to your presentation. We take the time to discuss this with you thoroughly, so as to advance your understanding behind the underlying cause of your problem.

It is at this report of findings visit when our Sandgate Chiropractors will outline the specific recommendations for care, which may include tailored exercises for you to incorporate as well.  The goal of the recommendations will be to restore function by correctly removing all sources of the problem.

Our New Era Chiropractic team want you feeling your best, and your progress towards optimal spinal health will be consistently monitored.  Progress reports may be scheduled so that comparative postural exams can be performed to illustrate your improvements or where a little more work is required.


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